DoD Confirms Current Method of Handling Remains

The current method of handling the remains of U.S. service members will remain in place, DoD officials said today.
Senior defense officials examined the policy of handling human remains contaminated by biological or chemical weapons. They wanted to be certain that all options were open to commanders to ensure the health and safety of all service members. The group ? which included representatives from the services, the Army’s mortuary affairs, DoD’s health affairs and DoD’s personnel and readiness staffs ? wanted to ensure that any decision was based on the latest medical thinking.

U.S. gov't Total Information Awareness update

The Department of Defense will establish two boards to provide oversight of the Total Information Awareness Project, the program designed to develop tools to track terrorists. The two boards, an internal oversight board and an outside advisory committee, will work with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), as it continues its research. These boards will help ensure that TIA develops and disseminates its products to track terrorists in a manner consistent with U.S. constitutional law, U.S. statutory law, and American values related to privacy.