When in Rome: Study-abroad students increase alcohol intake

For most American students, spending a semester or two studying in a foreign country means the opportunity to improve foreign language skills and become immersed in a different culture. For others, studying abroad is more like a prolonged spring bre…

Boozers are becoming the norm

More people are drinking than 20 years ago, according to a UT Southwestern Medical Center analysis of national alcohol consumption patterns. Gathered from more than … Read more

Fragmentary blackouts help some drinkers remember the good times that weren't

Research shows that people who experience fragmentary blackouts (FBs) are more likely to misremember drinking experiences after alcohol is consumed. These same individuals report strong positive expectations about future alcohol consumption. Researchers believe that some memory-impaired drinkers ‘fill in the gaps’ with information that conforms to an existing belief system, which may in turn lead to heavier drinking.

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