Study: Remaining childless does not lead to loneliness in old age

The common belief that remaining childless leads to loneliness or depression in the elderly is contradicted by a new University of Florida study, which instead found similar levels of well-being among parents and people without children in their later years. At the same time, having children is no guarantee of happiness later in life, said Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, a UF sociology professor who conducted the study.

Men more dependent on exercise than women

Women may worry more about their weight, but it’s men who are more likely to become hooked on exercise, a study shows. College dudes are more likely to exercise to excess — and get tense and irritable if they were deprived of their workouts. The research among 408 university students also found that men who worked out for the benefit of feeling better physically and mentally — rather than to look better or improve their performance — were more likely to become dependent on the need to exercise excessively.