Energy bars may not help low-carb dieters

A new study reports that energy bars with low or moderate levels of carbohydrates may actually not help dieters lose weight as they promise to do. Proponents of several diet plans ? such as the Atkins and Zone diets ? say low or moderate carbohydrate foods lead to less of an insulin spike in the blood after meals, which helps lead to people burning more fat and losing more weight. However, this new study found that energy bars advertised as having low or moderate levels of carbohydrate don’t actually reduce insulin levels in the blood as much as expected. The bottom line is that these energy bars may not contribute to weight loss, at least not in the way that manufacturers are advertising they do.

High-carb supplement helps with weight loss, MIT researchers say

MIT researchers have reported that a high-carbohydrate dietary supplement can help patients who experience weight gain while taking antidepressants. Even though the high-carbohydrate regimen altered serotonin levels, it did not alter the antidepressants’ effectiveness. The regimen, which includes a high-carbohydrate drink developed at MIT based on research conducted here, also helped non-medicated obese individuals, the researchers reported. All participants lost between 12 and 26 pounds during the 12-week study. Patients taking psychotropic medications such as antidepressants that increase the activity of serotonin in the brain sometimes gain weight by overeating sweet and starchy foods.