Seminal papers on election law and election administration

New Rochelle, NY, December 21, 2010 — A festschrift honoring Daniel H. Lowenstein, a pioneering legal scholar, Professor at UCLA School of Law, and Founding Co-Editor of Election Law Journal, who devoted his career to advancing election la…

Prospective voters and the new health care law

Boston, MA — A comprehensive review of national opinion polls, including newly released data, shows that those who say they intend to vote for a Democratic congressional candidate in 2010 and those who say they intend to vote for a Republican in t…

White women three times more likely to commit suicide than black

White women in North Carolina commit suicide at nearly three times the rate of minority women across the state, a new University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study shows. No one knows why. Some say black women, for example, may have a larger circle of nearby family members and friends to help them through trying times, but study leader Dr. Carol Runyan says she prefers not to speculate.

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