Reporters’ terminology affects gentrification, scholars assert

A new study of gentrification in U.S. cities focuses on the activities of a surprising group of players — not developers, not even politicians, but newspaper reporters. The authors of the study, David Wilson and Thomas Mueller, say that city reporters of local growth and development are “important actors” in promoting gentrification. As “central information producers about cities,” these reporters “regulate understandings of urban people, places and processes with potent political-economic consequences.”

Research finds life 1,000 feet beneath ocean floor

A new study has discovered an abundance of microbial life deep beneath the ocean floor in ancient basalt that forms part of the Earth’s crust, in research that once more expands the realm of seemingly hostile or remote environments in which living organisms can apparently thrive. The research was done off the coast of Oregon near a sea-floor spreading center on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, by scientists from Oregon State University and several other institutions. It will be published Friday in the journal Science.