Researchers reverse stroke damage by jumpstarting nerve fibers

MAYWOOD, Ill. — A new technique that jumpstarts the growth of nerve fibers could reverse much of the damage caused by strokes, researchers report in the Jan. 7, 2011 issue of the journal Stroke.
“This therapy may be used to restore function even …

Alcohol damages much more than the liver

MAYWOOD, Ill. — Alcohol does much more harm to the body than just damaging the liver. Drinking also can weaken the immune system, slow healing, impair bone formation, increase the risk of HIV transmission and hinder recovery from burns, trauma, ble…

How well does clot-busting drug work in stroke patients?

MAYWOOD, Ill. — The clot-busting drug rt-PA remains the most beneficial proven emergency treatment for strokes caused by blood clots, according to an editorial in the November issue of Archives of Neurology by Dr. José Biller.
“The benefits of t…

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