Management shake-up at Los Alamos

University of California President Richard C. Atkinson has announced sweeping management changes at Los Alamos National Laboratory, including the resignation of Director John C. Browne. Atkinson immediately appointed as interim director retired Vice Admiral George P. “Pete” Nanos, the former commander of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and of the Navy’s strategic nuclear program. Nanos currently is principal deputy associate director for Los Alamos’ Threat Reduction Directorate. Nanos will serve as interim director for a period of several months while the University conducts a nationwide search for a new permanent director.

Advanced Sonar Improves Mine Detection

Submarines should have improved ability to detect undersea explosive mines thanks to advancement of a type of sonar that uses a relatively small antenna to mimic a much larger one. The technology bounces sound waves off of the sea floor, one small patch at a time. Onboard processors then combine these individual glimpses to create a larger image of the area surveyed.

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