Study blows smoke on cigarette tax opposition by African-Americans

Many African-Americans support cigarette tax increases and reject arguments that higher prices are racially unfair, even though low-income smokers would take the hardest financial hits, a new study reports. There has been some general research on African-American attitudes toward tobacco control issues, but the Penn State study is the first to report direct findings on African-Americans and cigarette taxes, write Gary King, Ph.D., and colleagues in the May issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

Testosterone Levels and Marriage: High is Not All Bad

A low-testosterone man newly married to a high-testosterone woman might seem destined to be henpecked but a Penn State study found that such a coupling actually produced a marriage where the wife provided better social support for her mate.
Dr. Catherine Cohan, assistant professor of human development and family studies, says, “It’s not necessarily the case that higher testosterone is all bad. Testosterone is related to assertiveness which can be good or bad depending on whether it is manifested as either aggression or being helping and outgoing.”

Calorie listings don’t encourage overeating, study says

You really don't want to knowLabeling foods “low-fat” is suspected of encouraging consumers to overeat. If that box of Ho-Ho’s claims to be low-fat, heck, why not down the full dozen? But a study from Penn State says the same is not true of the listing of caloric content. “Some studies have shown that people take larger portions of foods labeled ‘low fat’ ? using the label as a license to eat more. This study shows that energy density labels are unlikely to undermine the benefits of offering foods with fewer calories per ounce.”