Babies process language in a grown-up way

Babies, even those too young to talk, can understand many of the words that adults are saying — and their brains process them in a grown-up way.
Combining the cutting-edge technologies of MRI and MEG, scientists at the University of Califo…

Photo album tells story of wildlife decline

NEW YORK (August 30, 2010) — With a simple click of the camera, scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and Zoological Society of London have developed a new way to accurately monitor long-term trends in rare and vani…

Technique gives scientists clearest picture yet of all the genes of an animal

Scientists have used a powerful gene-mapping technique to produce the clearest picture yet of all the genes of an animal ? the microscopic worm Caenorhabditis elegans (better known as C. elegans). Scientists believe the same technique may be used to bring the current, somewhat blurry picture of the human genome into sharper focus. The study, in Nature Genetics, describes an effort to locate and precisely identify all of the approximately 19,000 genes that have been predicted to exist in the genome of C. elegans.

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