Rhythmic vibrations guide caste development in social wasps

MADISON — Future queen or tireless toiler? A paper wasp’s destiny may lie in the antennal drumbeats of its caretaker.
While feeding their colony’s larvae, a paper wasp queen and other dominant females periodically beat their antennae in a …

First strawberry genome sequence promises better berries

DURHAM, N.H. — An international team of researchers, including several from the University of New Hampshire, have completed the first DNA sequence of any strawberry plant, giving breeders much-needed tools to create tastier, healthier strawberries…

Young female chimpanzees appear to treat sticks as dolls

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The must-have gift for young female chimpanzees this holiday season might be in the Christmas tree, not under it.
That’s the finding of scientists at Harvard University and Bates College, who say female chimpanzees appear to tr…

Pure nanotube-type growth edges toward the possible

New research at Rice University could ultimately show scientists the way to make batches of nanotubes of a single type.
A paper in the online journal Physical Review Letters unveils an elegant formula by Rice University physicist Boris Yakobson an…

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