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Selectively Erasing Unwanted Memories

The human brain is exquisitely adept at linking seemingly random details into a cohesive memory that can trigger myriad associations—some good, some not so...

Why is orange the new black for female victims of trauma?

How do pathways to jail vary for females who are victims of specific types of trauma? New research published in Psychology of Women Quarterly,...

Low doses of psychedelic drug erases conditioned fear in mice

Low doses of a psychedelic drug erased the conditioned fear response in mice, suggesting that the agent may be a treatment for post-traumatic stress...

New forms of torture leave ‘invisible scars’

Use of torture around the world has not diminished but the techniques used have grown more complex and sophisticated, according to new research from...

People with major depression may have higher suicide risk

People suffering from major depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are more likely to attempt suicide, and women with both disorders are more likely to have attempted suicide than men with both disorders, according to a new report in the March 2003 American Journal of Psychiatry, the monthly scientific journal of the American Psychiatric Association.

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