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Study in Fruitflies Connects Protein Misfolding, Sleep Loss and Age

Pulling an “all-nighter” before a big test is practically a rite of passage in college. Usually, it’s no problem: You stay up all night,...

Aging brains need ‘chaperone’ proteins

The word "chaperone" refers to an adult who keeps teenagers from acting up at a dance or overnight trip. It also describes a type...

Bad proteins branch out into tree-like aggregates

A method by Rice University researchers to model the way proteins fold – and sometimes misfold – has revealed branching behavior that may have...

Protein [email protected]

Vijay Pande's chemistry and structural biology group at Stanford has become known for [email protected], a distributed computing project that borrows computing time from home...

PC group-think reports first success

For the first time, a distributed computing experiment has produced significant results that have been published in a scientific journal. Writing in the online edition of Nature magazine, Stanford University scientists describe how they -- with the help of 30,000 personal computers -- successfully simulated part of the complex folding process that a typical protein molecule undergoes to achieve its unique, three-dimensional shape.

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