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Engineers design ‘living materials’

Hybrid materials combine bacterial cells with nonliving elements that can conduct electricity or emit light. Inspired by natural materials such as bone — a matrix...

New quantum dots herald era of electronics operating on single-atom level

New types of solotronic structures, including the world's first quantum dots containing single cobalt ions, have been created and studied at the Faculty of...

Beyond silicon: Transistors without semi-conductors

For decades, electronic devices have been getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. It's now possible—even routine—to place millions of transistors on a single silicon...

Physicists isolate bound states in graphene-superconductor junctions

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Illinois researchers have documented the first observations of some unusual physics when two prominent electric materials are connected: superconductors and graphene. Led by University of Illinois physics professor Nadya Mason...

Quantum dots to form basis of next-generation computer displays?

Researchers at MIT have created what could be the flat panel display of the future, combining organic materials with high-performing inorganic nanocrystals to create a hybrid optoelectronic structure. In other words, a quantum dot-organic LED, or light-emitting device. Also called artificial atoms, quantum dots are nanometer-scale "boxes" that selectively hold or release electrons. Unlike traditional LCDs, which must be lit from behind, quantum dots generate their own light. Depending on their size, the dots can be "tuned" to emit any color in the rainbow. And the colors of light they produce are much more saturated than that of other sources.

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