First-ever photo of wild Siberian tiger taken in China

A remote camera clicked the first known photograph of a wild Siberian or Amur tiger in northern China last week, providing strong evidence that tigers are crossing from the Russian Far East to repopulate previous tiger strongholds. The tiger was photographed in Jilin Province’s Hunchun Nature Reserve. Staff members at the reserve set up the camera-trap after a local farmer reported that a predator killed a mule. The next day, they retrieved the film and discovered the image of an adult tiger feeding on the carcass.

Mongolian road threatens last great over-land migration of Asian wildlife

An immense grassland in Mongolia ? an area likened to the long-gone prairies of the American West, complete with staggering migrations of hundreds of thousands of animals ? is threatened by a proposal to build a road through its center, according to scientists with the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society. The road proposal is part of the “Millennium Highway,” which plans to connect Mongolia to China and the Russian Far East.