Who’s the man? Alan Boyle, that’s who!

A big halloo and thanks to MSNBC’s Alan Boyle, who has graciously linked to Science Blog from his terrific Cosmic Log. Boyle’s stuff has been a regular read of mine for a while. And it should be for you too! Incidentally, since we’ve never met Alan, a quick Google image search on his name revealed this intriguing photo. Not only a great writer, but a Mr. Universe candidate as well? (In fact, the real Alan Boyle can be found here :->)

More confusion in cell phone, tumor flap

Science Blog reported earlier this week on a study suggesting a connection between use of an early cell phone standard and brain tumors. A separate study announced today says that no link has been found between radio emissions from mobile phones and the growth of tumors in mice. The Australian study contradicts yet another, earlier investigation that did find a connection. No word on what sort of calling plan the recent mice were allowed in the three year experiment.