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Child soldier trauma in Uganda shares similarities with Northern Ireland

Psychology students at Queen's University have discovered similarities between child soldier trauma in Uganda and those children caught up in Northern Ireland's Troubles. Post-graduate students from the Doctoral Programme in Educational, Child a...

‘Warrior worms’ discovered in snails; UCSB scientists see possible biomedical applications

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) -- -- Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have discovered a caste of genetically identical "warrior worms" -- -- members of a parasitic fluke species that invades the California horn snail. The findings are reported in the ...

Think small when powering today's electronic soldier

On the battlefield, having a reliable source of power to operate the many advanced electronic devices a soldier carries is essential. But today's heavy and cumbersome batteries fall short in satisfying the military's needs. In search of both a lightweight and reliable alternative, the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has developed the smallest power system yet, all wrapped up in a micro-sized package.

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