Do whales use song as sonar?

Do whales use song as sonar?

Any quick internet search for recordings of humpback whale song returns audio compilations that can receive tens of thousands — if not millions — of … Read more

Improved method developed to locate ships in storms

There are already systems that detect ships at sea, but a group of engineers from the UAH, led by the researcher Raúl Vicen, has introduced a new development, involving “the use of artificial intelligence techniques and improvements in the te…

Newly developed cloak hides underwater objects from sonar

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — In one University of Illinois lab, invisibility is a matter of now you hear it, now you don’t.
Led by mechanical science and engineering professor Nicholas Fang, Illinois researchers have demonstrated an acoustic cloak, a…

TWIPS — sonar inspired by dolphins

Scientists at the University of Southampton have developed a new kind of underwater sonar device that can detect objects through bubble clouds that would effectively blind standard sonar.
Just as ultrasound is used in medical imaging, conventional…

Biosensors can augment submarine sonar, vision systems

To find prey and avoid being preyed upon, fish rely on a row of specialized sensory organs along the sides of their bodies, called the lateral line. Now, a research team led by Chang Liu at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has built an artificial lateral line that can provide the same functions in underwater vehicles.

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