One thousand exoplanets in two decades

One thousand exoplanets in two decades

The milestone of 1,000 confirmed exoplanets was surpassed today after twenty-one years of discoveries. The long-established and well-known Extrasolar Planet Encyclopedia now lists 1,010 confirmed exoplanets. Not … Read more

Fear not the supernova

Given the incredible amounts of energy in a supernova explosion – as much as the sun creates during its entire lifetime – another erroneous doomsday … Read more

‘Weird science’ uncovered inside neutron star

A University of Alberta astronomer has glimpsed the inner working of a neutron star and found a unique world where the physics can be described as “weird.” Craig Heinke’s team found the neutron star’s core contained a superfluid, a friction-less li…

Measuring science investments

Measuring the results of scientific research has seen little federal focus until now.
A 2010 administrative memorandum calls on U.S. federal agencies and executive departments to develop tools to “better assess the impact of […] science and …

Qatar-led international team finds its first alien world

In an exciting example of international collaboration, a Qatar astronomer teamed with scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) and other institutions to discover a new alien world. This “hot Jupiter,” now named Qatar…

Young-star discovery hints magnetism common to all cosmic jets

Astronomers have found the first evidence of a magnetic field in a jet of material ejected from a young star, a discovery that points toward future breakthroughs in understanding the nature of all types of cosmic jets and of the role of magnetic fie…

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