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Hubble sees farther back in time than ever before

Pasadena, CA -- Astronomers have pushed NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to it limits by finding what they believe to be the most distant object ever seen in the universe -- at a distance of 13.2 billion light years, some 3% of the age of universe...

Astronomers map the hidden Universe

Astronomers from Cardiff University are involved in a race against time to uncover the hidden secrets of the Universe. The team, from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, are completing the very first survey for cosmic hydrogen - the primeval gas which emerged from the Big Bang to form all the stars and galaxies we can see today.

Rivers of gas could provide part of universe's 'missing matter'

An Ohio astronomer and her colleagues have detected a type of hot gas in space that could account for part of the "missing" matter in the universe. A gas cloud, one trillion times more massive than our sun and more than 150 times hotter, surrounds our local group of galaxies, the astronomers reported in the journal Nature. Though vast, this gas cloud is only part of larger rivers of gas that wind between all the galaxies of the universe.

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