Why do people behave badly? Maybe it’s just too easy

TORONTO, ON — Many people say they wouldn’t cheat on a test, lie on a job application or refuse to help a person in need.
But what if the test answers fell into your lap and cheating didn’t require any work on your part? If you didn’t have to f…

This just in: More drinks may lead to severe barroom brawls

Drinking does not necessarily lead to barroom brawling, but the amount of alcohol consumed by participants in an aggressive situation can make a difference in how severe or injurious the brawl turns out to be, according to new research.

Pain, poor coping skills diminish quality of life for HIV patients

HIV patients who live in pain and use poor coping strategies to handle the stress of their illness also report that they have less energy and more limits on their physical, social and work activities, according to a new study. Patients who use self-distraction techniques or “give up trying to deal with” HIV-related stress feel less energetic, and those who use self-distraction or drugs or alcohol to cope say that their health limits their social activities, according to Mark Vosvick, Ph.D., of the University of North Texas and colleagues.

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