Corruption at the Center of Life on Earth

“The Environmental Impact Statement,” released by the Interior Dept., in 1977, indcated (on page 355) that George’s Bank is the primary reproductive section of the North Atlantic (Steel’63).
As luck would have it, when the oil companies came to New England in 1978, intent on purchasing George’s Bank tracts, Mr. Steel was then head of Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute and in perfect position to defend the shoal he had documented 15 years before as the most productive acres of our nation and the Earth. But the Oil Companies have a very persuasive way about them and Mobile Oil “convinced” Mr. Steel to go watch a warm water upwelling in the Pacific under a grant from this very wealthy corporation.
“Hey boy! Why don’t you just go over there and watch sumpin pretty interesting, we has some bizness to do ova here in your fishin area.Don’t you worry about it, everything will be alright.”
The lawsuit that was supposed to pretect the grounds entitled “Commonwealth vs. Andrus,” would be taken to the Supreme Court. . . The strange thing about this case, the relief that was being asked, was a temporary injunction against the sale of leases until “protections” that wouldn’t protected, were in place.
It was the best legal corruption that unlimited petrol dollars can buy.
It has been rumored that the entire Massachusetts Legislature was purchased with the reciepts from two gas stations near Beacon Hill. This of course is a very sick joke (but may be true).
In any case the Government published evidence of the greatest source of fish on Earth and the law that governs all exploration, The OCS Land’s Act requires that that which could be lost, must be worth less than that which is to be gained 123million barrels of oil.
Besides being the greates source of fish for a sarving world, it has the highest number of endangered species, the highest number of whales, marine mammals and seabirds, so the exploration that would begin in 1981 was not only in violation of the OCS Lands Act, but also the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammals Protection Act.
But Wood’s Hole Oceanographic, would never oppose the deed and its Director, Steel, would begin working as an Environmental Consultant in 1989.

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