Poetry Friday: The Selflessness of Magpies

A selfish streak of silver in their heart, These scavengers are thieves without a band; In altruistic goals they play no part, An archipelago with just one land. But species that are blessed with sapphire wings, Have turned these ‘known’ conventions on their head;...

DoD Announces ‘Hack the Pentagon’ Follow-Up Initiative

The Defense Department has awarded a contract to HackerOne and Synack to create a new contract vehicle for DoD components and the services to launch their own ”bug bounty” challenges, similar to the “Hack the Pentagon” pilot program, with the ultimate objective to...

Visits to ER for headache pain in children are on the rise

There is a growing body of evidence that pediatric emergency departments are seeing a steady increase in the number of children presenting with headaches, as supported by new research to be presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2016 National Conference...

The versatility of pronouns and shifting identity

A new scientific study reveals the fascinating ways in which we use pronouns to negotiate social identity. While much of the recent popular discussion on the topic of pronouns and social identity has focused on how third person pronouns in English (she/he and his/her...

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