One night with stars

In the central desert of Iran and high atop the ancient royal Bahram Palace, dance of colors in the sky announced the beginning a glory night. many modern telescopes stand over this roof and when first stars appears in the sky marathon begins.
sure that when messier gathered his list from non stellar objects he never imagine that in the beginning of 21st century in all around the world people joined astronomical competition in memory of his work.
In Iran , like all around the world, astronomical groups try to observed these objects but ASI select best observers from all around country to gathered in the Desert in a starry night and during this competition they find an opportiunaty to know each other more.
This year because of the condition of Moon Marathon holds on April 28, 29 and so observers lost M74 in Pisces and M77 in Cetus and also they will have challeng for hunting M30,M31, M34, M76 and M79.
This year jury team add 14 other non stellar object to the list for complete the beauty of this night.
NGC 5139, NGC 5128,NGC 884 and 869, NGC 6946, NGC 757, NGC 7789, NGC 7331, NGC 2403, NGC 6441,NGC 6231,NGC 2392, NGC 2244, NGC 1647 and comet 73p are added objects.
this year more than 140 observer from 40 cities of Tehran will come to bahram palace , that very far from cites and you must drive more than 60 km in the hurt of desert to reach it.
17 jury , will judge their activity and every one hope that good weather condition let them to have a great night.
more than an astronomical competition , try to observe beauty of sky and try to see farther and learn the real place of ourselves in the universe are the goals of this Marathon.
in the morning every one who tired from on busy night remember that all of us are member of small home land that we call it earth and all of us shared with this challenges.
ASI hope these activity help young generation of Iran to see to the world as a beautiful unity.

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