Grab a Latte, Chit-Chat About Science at The Science Café

Join us at The Science Café. At The Science Café, people join to mix and mingle with intellectuals and the like-minded, all in a comfortable, Café setting. The setting is informal, the coffee is piping hot and free, and you don’t have to go out to a museum or University lecture hall in order to ask the experts and get questions answered on the science issues in the current events.

Best of all, the events are free and are held on a wide range of different topics. So come join us!

There are many different Science Café programs throughout the U.S., and around the world! Following is a little roundup of the various science cafes you can attend:

Southern California Science Café

Serving the Southern California area and based out of UC Irvine, the SoCal Science Café plays host while you find out about a variety of topics in different venues. Join us May 20 for “Science Café on High Gas Prices and Fuel Cells.”

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Science Café Houston

Serving the neighbors of Rice University in Houston, this branch of The Science Café meets monthly at Salento Coffeehouse. Join us for a variety of topics and run in cooperation with HoustonPBS and Rice University.

Science Café/Ask a Scientist San Francisco

Serving the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, “San Francisco Ask a Scientist” puts a scientist from the Ivory Tower before the audience so the ordinary folk can pepper the experts with their questions on everything from global warming to hybrid cars to fuel cells and beyond.

Café Scientifique – Main Worldwide Directory

Use this directory to find the nearest Science Café program to you…wherever you are in the world.

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