The Endless Universe

Here is a math question:
1x = 1y
what is the smallest absolute value for the x and y?
Let’s say if our universe is in a time zone in 1.
What can make a spaceship to make teleportation?
The answer is if the spaceship can enter another space and come out from that space to the oringinal space. Our time, which is 1, in order to do it, must enter a 0 time, if the 0 time space does exist, it will explain the reason of why universe is endless.
The reason for that is our universe is in the 0 time space. In the 0 time space, the everything can teleport anywhere immediately, everything is everywhere, there are no volumn, therefore, if the universe is a little spot, we can still live in it. In this case, there will be more space, maybe there will be a 5 dimentional space 6 dimentional space, etc., but still, need humanity to discover them.

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