Tio2 mosquito trap: Innovative technology

-decoying mosquitoes by 3 enticements, co2(which is generated from photo-catalysis with tio2), near ultraviolet rays and heat by fluorescent lamps(mosquitoes like these)
-once the mosquitoes comes to this machine, a strong ventilator captures them into a steel net through the inhaling fan.
-captured mosquitoes can’t escape from the net,where they dehydrate and die
-application: Public building, military bases, house, restaurant, garden, cattle shedetc
-small amount of AC power(30w)-size 250mmx300mm
-low noise
-area application 66~165 sqm.
-it doesn’t use co2 tank so there is no need to change or refill Co2,because tio2 can produce co2 semi-permanently. www.pestbegone.net

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