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Piyush Dadriwala
Piyush, born on 10th Feb, 1967, Aquarian belongs to a middle class family in Dadri, Near Noida, elder son of Dr. Devender Kumar Goel and mother Ravikanta. I am diploma Mech Engg. passed in the year 1987, creative, believe in God too much, believe in Love & Friendship, cartoonist and fond of making tarricatures, hobby of collections.

I have a unique art (mirror Image writing in two languages Hindi & English) and have written world first Mirror Image Book “Shreemad Bhagwad Gita” all 18 chapters, 700 verses in Hindi & English, besides this I have written “Shree Durga Sapt Satti” in Sanskrit Language, Sunderkand, Arti Sangrah and “Shree Sai Sach Charitra” (all 51 chapters, 308 pages, more than 1 lakh words), which kept in Sai Mandir, Sonepat for forever for devotees.

I am very much fond of Mathematics, I have done a lot of work in Mathematics, like Points Design of Pyramid & got unique Equations, work on Pascal Triangle, A new triangle “A.P. Right Angled Triangle” in which introduced a new theorum, A very strange Table & Formula for two digits Square & Number Nine.­­


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