Electric Car Opinion

Electric cars should be here now. I believe that we have waited long enough for cleaner automotive technology. It seems as though the industry tells us that we will be driving cleaner cars in 15 years, but they have been saying that for the past 20 years. I believe that the battery capacity is at a point where it would be a very simple change from a gas to an electric car.
The cars we drive need to be cleaner. With the vast number of people on the road today, the affects will become devastating, and we can already see that our planet is changing. Cars need to at least get better gas mileage, but that is the very minimum of what should be happening.
I believe that Government needs to take action to help with this problem. It needs to stop subsidizing gasoline and start pushing for cleaner products to be available. California’s CARB was a perfect example of what needs to happen, but they dropped their zero emissions mandate after the major car companies began to sue the state of California. This shows a strange unwillingness to become greener or the behalf of car companies. The United States needs to make a nation wide mandate requiring all major car companies to supply at least one zero emissions vehicle in order to be allowed to sell their cars in this country. I do not believe that the citizens of this country will have any problem converting to electric cars. There is very little holding people back from purchasing one, except for the major point of, there are currently no entry level, highway ready, full electric vehicles. If the product doesn’t exist, then the people will not buy them, which is why there is currently no demand for them.

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