domesticate the time

Nature never fears or loves. Nature never thinks, nature does not know strategy or analogy. Nature follows the laws of nature. Genuine justice gives us the right to survive. The right to abuse for our own evolution. The right to be above those universal principles.

If by natural law, I create a boundary. A small boundary which gets the characteristic property of a plastic membrane. This virtual boundary will trick an atom, any atom will make a small virtual matter in the virtual universe. While a simple atom will occupy 99.99% of this virtual universe. I will use natural law to make the atom believe that none exists. The atom will believe this false law as a natural fraud. Then it will create a virtual singularity. Then it will create a virtual big bang. Then it will stop this expansion at one second. The boundary controls this virtual big bang, also it controls the time. Using natural law against the universe, time, none, and singularity.

The size of this virtual universe, will also control a fluctuation in a space curvature, but without time. I will prove on a philosophic state of mind, that the virtual universe obeys that universal law. Now, I believe instead to react at the universe’s expansion, it is possible to domesticate the time, matter, energy and all those universal principles.

With all the passion and respect I have and will have for our universe, now domesticating our universe will be possible, if we do not respect those polite and gentle theories regarding cosmology. It is the time to start being the first criminals of time, the first fraud against those natural laws of the universe.

However, it will be exponential for any type of imagination, example in the boundary the hydrogen will burn into helium. The energy released will generate a pressure that will be unable the mass to resist the attraction of it’s own gravity, which is trying to make it smaller. I will suggest imagining a boundary able to expand and be stopped without retracting at this moment. The time will be zero which time exist with a expansion or a retraction. At this point, near pass, near future and now will exist into zero time.

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