Astronomy Poem: A Tribute to International Year of Astronomy IYA2009

Who am I?

Once was the quest of the Earthmen
Being so nicely shaped and probed
Who wanted me most were astrologers
Instead astronomers made me unclassified

Although far and smallest may I be
I feel I deserve a place you see
To be precise and to be a planet née
Hey all the summit members, vote for me

There will be a day, where you pay nemesis
Just for not letting me in the premises
Along with Nix and Hydra paying off my genesis
You could have seen me ill-treated Einstein the physicist

Artifacts will ever fly by
Even New Horizons may sometimes lie
Having this in mind I shall cry
I don’t know who am I ?

Composition :- J D Prasanna Deshapriya

Credit : Prasanna Deshapriya

Astronomy Sri lanka

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