Dimensions and Magnetism

I’ve randomly become interested in something, and I have been trying to follow stuff I’ve googled on it, but its all a bit over a my head. So I am hoping someone can laymanize some of what I’ve been curious about.

Is magnetism uniform in all dimensions? In other words, assuming magnetism puts out a field.. Does the magnetism of the field intersecting with a plane of left/right add to the magnetism of field forward/backward or up down?

For example.. (and I am keeping this as simple as I know how, and realize I am not using true units)

If a magnet is characterized as having a magnetic strength of one. And it is moved diagonally.. Would you say, Magnetism of One+Magnestism of One for each dimension =total magnetism of 2?

Or does it follow pythagrean’s theorum and end up being the square root of 2?

Or does the magnet not care about dimensions and take any path as direct, and therefor counts it as 1?

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