Chinese Auto Industry International Competitiveness

The automotive industry, with the characteristics of long industrial chain, big interrelatedness, strong catalytic nature and so on, is a comprehensive reflection of the country’s industrialization level. Therefore, many countries and regions take the automotive industry as one of its pillar industries, its overall scale and international competitiveness is increasing year by year.

However, there are still many serious problems exist in it, compared with the US, Germany, Japan, South Korea compares, the Chinese automobile industry’s competitiveness is still very weak.Therefore, conducting research on the international competitiveness of China’s auto industry and finding out which are the key factors that affecting it, will have the great significance of theory and practice in our rational understanding the current situation of Chinese automobile industry and concentrating limited resource from the key factors to quickly promote its competitiveness.

This article based on the research of domestic and foreign related literatures, has carried out a comparatively systematic expatiation about the industrial international competitiveness theory, it also illustrated the author’s argument about the connotation of it. Under the industrial international competitiveness theory support, unified Chinese automobile industry characteristic, the article from three aspects , the environment competitiveness, the enterprise competitiveness, and the market competitiveness, has constructed the Chinese automobile industry international competitiveness appraisal system.

According to the indicator system, the writer carried out a longitudinal analysis on Chinese automobile industrial development present situation, and carried out a simple transverse direction comparison with the corresponding indexes of the other countries. Using factor analysis method, the paper finally carried out the lateral overall evaluation on the automobile industry of the five following countries: china, United States, Japan, Germany, and South Korea, and having found out the key factors that affecting China’s automobile competitiveness. In view of the key questions that exist in Chinese automobile industry, the article has proposed the corresponding countermeasures.

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