Budget axe threatens NASA science and America’s leadership in planetary exploration

The just announced NASA budget has planetary scientists up in arms. The Planetary Society is starting a grass roots “Save Our Science” campaign to rescue many critical science projects that face cuts or cancellations.

Here is the sidebar summary from their SOS web page, followed by a way to increase my financial contributions to the SOS campaign.


What will happen if this budget is passed?

The Europa Mission- DEAD.
This long-sought mission — actually mandated by Congress last year — would have explored one of our best shots at finding life beyond Earth.

The Terrestrial Planet Finder – DEAD.
TPF would have enabled us to find Earth-like worlds in distant solar systems — to actually see continents and seasonal changes on other planets.

The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)- DEAD
Years of international preparation lost.

Mars Sample Return mission – DEAD. Two Mars Scout missions scheduled for after 2011…dead. The Mars Telecommunications Orbiter…dead.

University research funding – CUT 15%
Astrobiology – GUTTED by 50%
Mars – systematically removed from NASA’s exploration program.


And there’s more.

If you care about space science, as I do, it’s time to lend your voice and efforts to the SOS campaign.

(Discover my latest book about planetary science. If you buy it through my links to Amazon.com, I will contribute all commisions I receive in May, plus half the royalties that result from those Amazon.com sales, to the SOS campaign.)

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