Subatomic Physics Fun

I’m Dr. Fred, and I’m here to tell ya
‘Bout a Large Hadron Rap and some books to sell ya.
You can buy ’em online, but if you want ’em free
You can read ’em all you want at your librar-ee!

I just found the Large Hadron Rap over at YouTube.

If you are wondering what all the excitement is about Large Hadron Collider that is soon to go online at CERN, read on for a few links.

I haven’t been shy about telling you about my book Physics: Decade by Decade in Facts On File’s Twentieth-Century Science set. I’ve even talked about how the closing chapter looks ahead to the 21st century and all the still-open questions, including the nature of “dark matter” and the possible existence of the Higgs field and its associated boson that accounts for mass, which most particles have but photons do not.

I haven’t often mentioned my six-book Library of Subatomic Particles that covers much of that same history for middle-grade readers. The titles are The Proton, The Neutron, The Electron, The Photon, The Neutrino, and The Quark.

The Large Hadron Rap is an entertaining overview, but if you are looking for something meatier, I have a large set of reviews of physics books, including two recent ones that cast doubt on string theory.

Happy Higgs hunting, LHC!

And happy science reading and rapping, all!

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