What Quantum Holey-ness Means To Me, So Far

I am navigating towards barely the middle of a recent survey of my books on physics-frontiers and psychophysics, and the M-superstringed holey-ness of everything is more and more getting my humble, amazed attention. Here is a place on the web I was looking at that has a simple, little diagram:

URL: Cambridge Relativity: Quantum Gravity

Weird thoughts have started tumbling and clowning around in my mind: If everything is really wholey holographically holey, then it could be entirely possible that anything IS possible (before and after all)!

At the quantum levels, “thoughts” and “things” might not be identical, exactly – but they might still be twins. And there would be no need to tear up reality to create a wormhole to voyage through, if spacetime is a seamless garment woven of holes all the way around – just stretch it here and/or there!

Maybe we will come to understand singularity and individuality as mirror-imaged, twin aspects of one, great, greater, greatest “zero-ness” winking and blinking on/off everywhere – as everything!

Here is a link to a poster, M Theory Cosmology, and another superstring website, with colorful diagrams .

It is taking me a long time to look into the “physics for philosophers” books I had intended to reread, because I keep stopping in the middle of every page to watch these strings of thought looping around in my mind. And every time I start to write something down, I soon give in to the temptation to do another Google search!

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