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NASA Gravity Probe

Testing Einstein’s E=mc2 in Outer Space

With the first explosions of atomic bombs, the world became witness to one of the most important and consequential principles in physics: Energy and mass, fundamentally speaking, are the same […]


Compassion meditation may boost neural basis of empathy

A compassion-based meditation program can significantly improve a person’s ability to read the facial expressions of others, finds a study published by Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. This boost in […]

Targeting inflammation to treat depression

Researchers at Emory University have found that a medication that inhibits inflammation may offer new hope for people with difficult-to-treat depression. The study was published Sept. 3 in the online […]

Popular orbits

Popular orbits lead to planetary pile ups, deserts

Computer simulations have revealed a plausible explanation for a phenomenon that has puzzled astronomers: Rather than occupying orbits at regular distances from a star, giant gas planets similar to Jupiter […]

Using galaxies as yardsticks

Astronomy Professor Daniel Eisenstein is using a new understanding of spacing between galaxies to build a 3-D map of the cosmos and confirm theories about its structure.


Dog skull dates back 33,000 years

If you think a Chihuahua doesn’t have much in common with a Rottweiler, you might be on to something. An ancient dog skull, preserved in a cave in the Altai […]

Freshmen face sleep problems

When Kathryn Orzech attended the College of William and Mary in Virginia, she participated in drama and choir. Rehearsals that would have ended at 10 p.m. in high school now […]