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Ancient snakes — a new hiss-tory

The ancestral snakes in the grass actually lived in the forest, according to the most detailed look yet at the iconic reptiles. A comprehensive analysis by Yale University paleontologists reveals […]


A proven approach to helping the ultra-poor

Anti-poverty research led by a Yale University economist may have cracked the data code for helping the world’s poorest citizens. Gathering data from six countries, the researchers tested a comprehensive […]

Why Some Soldiers Develop PTSD While Others Don’t

Personal growth follows trauma for most soldiers

More than half of soldiers who experience trauma also report strong psychological benefits, such as stronger intimate relationships, spiritual growth, and a greater appreciation of life because of their difficult […]


Expanding the reach of metallic glass

Metallic glass, a class of materials that offers both pliability and strength, is poised for a friendly takeover of the chemical landscape. Yale University engineers have found a unique method […]


A new beginning for baby mosasaurs

They weren’t in the delivery room, but researchers at Yale University and the University of Toronto have discovered a new birth story for a gigantic marine lizard that once roamed […]


A digital field guide to cancer cells

Scientists are mapping the habits of cancer cells, turn by microscopic turn. Using advanced technology and an approach that merges engineering and medicine, a Yale University-led team has compiled some […]