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A peek at the secret life of pandas

Reclusive giant pandas fascinate the world, yet precious little is known about how they spend their time in the Chinese bamboo forests. Until now. A team of Michigan State University […]

How did the chicken cross the sea?

How did the chicken cross the sea?

It may sound like the makings of a joke, but answering the question of how chickens crossed the sea may soon provide more than just a punch line. Michigan State […]


Engineer helps crack mystery of bird flight

It has taken more than a million fine samples of aerodynamic force and airflow combined to determine what makes a hummingbird’s wings so adept at hovering. The team led by […]


Color Changing Behavior

As a part of our monthly splurge ritual, my boyfriend and I had brunch at a fantastic South Indian restaurant.   Now, to give you a little backstory, I can (really, […]

Flower-enriched farms boost bee populations

Flower-enriched farms boost bee populations

Flower strips sown into farmers’ fields not only attract bees but increase their numbers, new University of Sussex research has shown. A two-year study of farms in West Sussex and […]

Bats are surprisingly fast decision makers

Bats are surprisingly fast decision makers

Bats are not as stereotyped when they hunt as previously believed. New research shows that these flying mammals are capable of making ultra-fast decisions about how to attack their prey […]


$1.3 million to save a species

How much would you pay to save a species from becoming extinct?  A thousand dollars, $1 million or $10 million or more? A new study shows that a subset of […]


Baboon friends swap gut microbes

A new study led by Elizabeth Archie, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Notre Dame, has found that social interactions have direct effects on the […]

Muscle power- Bats power take-off using recycled energy

Switch off the lights for bats

New research has discredited the popular belief that street lighting is attractive to common bats. The study, carried out by scientists from the University of Exeter and Bat Conservation Ireland, […]