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NFL schedules could be fairer

The NFL is widely admired for its parity. But could it do a better job promoting fairness, especially when scheduling games? The answer, according to a new mathematical analysis by […]


Getting a grip on exotic atomic nuclei

A new model describing atomic nuclei, proposed by a physicist from the University of Warsaw Faculty of Physics, more accurately predicts the properties of various exotic isotopes that are created […]

Half spheres for molecular circuits

Half spheres for molecular circuits

Imagine taking a fullerene (C60) and cutting it in half like a melon. What you get is a corannulene (C20H10), a molecule that, according to a just-published study conducted with […]


Wrinkle predictions

New mathematical theory may explain patterns in fingerprints, raisins, and microlenses. As a grape slowly dries and shrivels, its surface creases, ultimately taking on the wrinkled form of a raisin. […]


Keeping metal strong

Analysis shows certain crystal boundaries can enhance, or reduce, hydrogen’s damaging effects. When a metal tube lines an oil well thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean, that […]


Acoustic-gravity waves in the deep

New study examines role as ocean transport, early warning of tsunamis. Acoustic-gravity waves — a special type of sound wave that can cut through the deep ocean at the speed […]