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Opening a New Route to Photonics

A new route to ultrahigh density, ultracompact integrated photonic circuitry has been discovered by researchers with the  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California (UC) Berkeley. […]


New nanogenerator harvests power from rolling tires

A group of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers and a collaborator from China have developed a nanogenerator that harvests energy from a car’s rolling tire friction. An innovative method of reusing […]


Researchers Align Atomic Friction Experiment

Working together to study friction on the atomic scale, researchers at UC Merced and the University of Pennsylvania have conducted the first atomic-scale experiments and simulations of friction at overlapping speeds. […]


Optics and Engineering: On the road to ubiquity

When the National Science Foundation (NSF) was founded in 1950, the laser didn’t exist. Some 65 years later, the technology is ubiquitous. As a tool, the laser has stretched the […]