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On-demand X-rays at Synchrotron Light Sources

Consumers are now in the era of “on-demand” entertainment, in which they have access to the books, music and movies they want thanks to the internet. Likewise, scientists who use […]


To handle big data, shrink it

Algorithm reduces size of data sets while preserving their mathematical properties. As anyone who’s ever used a spreadsheet can attest, it’s often convenient to organize data into tables. But in […]


Taking control of light emission

Researchers find a way of tuning light waves by pairing two exotic 2-D materials. Researchers have found a way to couple the properties of different two-dimensional materials to provide an […]


Translating thought to print with spider silk

Spider silk has long been noted for its graceful structure, as well as its advanced material properties: Ounce for ounce, it is stronger than steel. MIT research has explained some […]


Researchers build new fermion microscope

Fermions are the building blocks of matter, interacting in a multitude of permutations to give rise to the elements of the periodic table. Without fermions, the physical world would not […]

Ants' movements hide mathematical patterns

Ants’ movements hide mathematical patterns

When ants go exploring in search of food they end up choosing collective routes that fit statistical distributions of probability. This has been demonstrated by a team of mathematicians after […]