Know the Facts of Nature

Nature the gift of god, to mankind. Every thing in nature is interconnected and inter related. So if a part of it is disturbed, it effects the whole environment. Environment is designed in a balanced state; its balanced state is disturbed by the intervention of man by introducing unbalanced substances in to the environment. These unbalanced substances, has increased side effects, problems, resulting in recycling of problems, with no end. Man is looking for solutions with out the sacrificing his pleasures and tastes, where there is no possibility to end the problems permanently. He has lot of ignorance .He is in illusion. He is not ready to accept the truth, and lead his way of life in a right path, which solves all problems to maximum possible extent. In such situations, the problems are solved only on temporary basis, not permanently. Craving for tastes and pleasures, is depending on unbalanced energies. He became a slave or he got addicted to tastes and pleasures. He has no control over his senses. Some knowingly make blunders, because they don’t have control over the senses, some do blunders, because they are lacking in wisdom, some are in the median of the two.

In Craving for tastes and pleasures, man got addicted to processed foods for tastes. He is also depending on preserved & dead foods, where the energies are unbalanced. In Craving for pleasures, he is depending on machines; he adopted a sedentary life style. With the increase of wishes or wants, there is an increase in the work. In order to complete this huge amount of work, he is depending on machines. He is forgetting that adapting a sedentary life style is lacking physical exercise, resulting in various diseases.

During food processing, when the food is subjected to heat, or any rays etc when we apply additional energy in the form of heat or rays, the natural life product which has balanced energies, who’s chemical composition is in a balanced state is disturbed, it becomes denatured. During this process, the chemical composition is disturbed; it appears tasty, as it is concentrated material, which is lacking in water etc. It is results in formation of different chemicals, with different properties. For eg: A single alteration of one Amino acid out of one or two hundred may give rise to a protein with different biological activity. The hemoglobin S differs from normal hemoglobin by having a single valine aminoacid unit in place of single glutamicacid link in 546-link chain. This gives the hemoglobin S different chemical, physical and biological properties responsible for the disease called Sickle cell anemia. The solution for this disease is taking glutamic acid, which is lost, should be taken a balanced state. Identifying the natural sources, where the glutamic acid is in a balanced state, such as lady’s fingers etc. and taking it with out disturbing its balanced nature in required amounts, so that there will not any side effects.

The ultimate shape of the protein is maintained by hydrogen bonds that attach various parts of the amino acid chain. These H bonds can be broken, such as by heat, radiation, electricity or chemicals. When that happens, the protein is said to be denatured. It becomes disorganized and loses its special properties. In cells, if proteins become denatured, they become nonfunctional

The backbone of every organic or live material is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. sulphur, phosphorous and others in trace amounts. It is a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. These carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen molecules in common, provided there are arranged different combinations in different proportions, in a balanced state forming different chemicals. This combination of different molecules form different chemicals, which are given different names such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats etc. Proteins and many vitamins are nothing but acids. Proteins are mostly amino acids, i.e., acids with amino (nitrogen) group, which helps in building and repairing the tissues. Whether it is a gland or hormone, or any organ it is group of chemicals. They form different chemicals. Different chemicals have different properties. When the chemical composition is disturbed during food processing, these carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins compositions are disturbed, some may be in excess or in lesser amounts, or completely lost resulting in unbalanced energies leading to various disorders or diseases. If the processed material or food contains more of fat then what is required, if it is fat rich, you are prone to oily skin, resulting in clogging of pores, as it attracts mud leading to black heads, increases weight, arthritis, join pains, heart diseases, increases dullness, reduces alertness, consciousness etc. .If you are lacking in fat it results in diseases like loss of weight, retarded growth, abnormal skin.

If it is more in protein causes dry skin diseases etc. If it is lacking in vitamins, it leads to deficiency diseases, if it is lacking in proteins, vitamins, it leads to various metabolic, digestive and genetic disorders, poor physical tone, slow mental reactions, premature old age edema etc. Unbalanced processed foods are not digested properly, hence resulting in gain of weight and other serious problems such as diabetes etc.

Feeding on unbalanced foods leads to unbalanced thinking. Unbalanced chemical composition in these processed foods has effect on Emotions and thoughts. Our Emotions and thoughts are changed accordingly. Feeding on unbalanced food result in unbalanced unwise thinking, it lacks concentration. Hence man could provide only temporary solutions not the permanent solutions to the problems, his thinking or thoughts could only develop concepts or solutions, which are incomplete. Man’s thinking and knowledge would improve only if he eats balanced foods. He can try preparing foods, which are in a balanced state, only if he has control over the senses i.e., tastes and pleasures, if he can’t, depending on natural foods is best option for him. Balanced foods are healthy, there are not very taste nor they are very bad. Balanced food increases concentration, it is easily digested, doesn’t lead to disorders, it strengthens the immune system, it protects from various diseases, it makes us strong. When we are weak, various organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoon’s attack the body causing various diseases. When we are strong, these organisms cannot attack our body. Eating unbalanced processed, preserved and dead foods result in accumulation of unbalanced energies in the body leading to various disorders. Lets look at the properties of carbohydrates, proteins facts, vitamins and minerals, as these are the backbone of every living organism.

A group of atoms form a molecule.
A group of molecules form a chemical.
A group of chemicals form a gene.
Genes contain DNA.
A group of genes form a chromosome.
A group of chromosomes form a nucleus of a cell.
A group of cells form a tissue.
All living tissues consist of cells which, when cells are about to divide are seen to contain circular regions surrounded by thin membrane. Inside the membranes are bodies of various shapes that can be stained are called chromosomes.
Chromosomes are linear, worm-like regions called genes, which are carriers of cell inheritance.
Chemical analysis of chromosomes reveals that they contain nucleic acids and protein. Genes contain DNA and protein .DNA contain pentose sugar, which is carbohydrate, nitrogenous bases which are nothing but proteins and a phosphoric acid.
A group of tissues form an organ.
A group of organs form an organism.
Whether it is a gland or hormone or any organ, it is group of chemicals.
Based on the properties of chemicals, and different combination of chemicals, different types of genes are formed. One acquires characters genes.

Let’s take in common the molecules in carbohydrates, proteins, Fats. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous. Nitrogen comes from a protein; backbone of every protein is amino group. DNA contains nitrogenous base, which is nothing but a protein, & carbohydrates.

Properties of carbohydrates (starch and sugars)
Carbohydrates causes heating effect to the body, as it contains more of carbon and oxygen than hydrogen molecules, which causes cooling effect to the body. Substance, which has pungent smell, also causes heating effect to the body
Sugars- sucrose C6H1206.As hydrogen molecules are more than carbon and oxygen in these molecules these sugars have cooling effect to the body. Carbohydrates cause stiffness, and they cause brittleness. Carbohydrates and vitamin E provides glow to the body.

Properties of Fats
Fats have double the energy of carbohydrates. They nature is stickiness. Fats are hydrophobic, tails are hydrophobic and heads are hydrophilic. When the oil and water is mixed, they separate. They do not mix.They are insoluble in water.Fats supply energy , are composed of oxygen,carbon,and hydrogen and are build from glycerol and three fattyacids. If, fats are taken in excess, than the required amounts, they cause dullness to the body, increase weight of the body, causing arthritis ,heart diseases ,many other diseases, and increases unbalanced thinking. Increases oily skin, when present in more amounts than what is required for the body. Oily skin attracts mud, resulting in clogging of the skin pores, which are nothing but black heads.

If each carbon in the chain is bound to the maximum number of hydrogen atoms, then the fattyacid(and the fat) is saturated.If a fat has any double bonds, it doesn’t have the maximum number of hydrogen atoms bound to it. In this case, it is unsaturated.

Properties of Proteins and Vitamins which are acids.
Proteins are mostly acids i.e., Amino acids. Nature of acids, it burns. They have a dry nature. Proteins and vitamins help in digestion. Nitrogen in proteins helps in repairing and building of tissues. For Example HCL is stomach acid, which helps in digestion. Lactic acid, which is present in buttermilk, helps in digestion. Lactobacilli bacteria produce lactic acid, which is present in buttermilk. Lactose sugar is converted into lactic acid during process of fermentation by lacto bacilli bacteria and milk is converted to yogurt. Penicillin, which is fungi, only acts on bacterial infections not on viruses. Penicillin might be sticky substance or fatty substance which is acting against bacterial infections, as bacteria releases acids in to environment as acids has dry nature, it doesn’t act against viruses, as viruses releases fatty substances into environment it does not act against viruses as both are fatty & sticky substances.

Bacteria’s release acid in to environment causing dry skin diseases. As acids has dry nature. Viruses release fatty substances into environment. Chicken pox is caused by virus it leaves a flat mark on the body. By noticing the marks on the skin, one can easily say whether it is virus or bacteria, which is causing a disease. Fat substances are sticky substances and they have more energies capable of dividing fast also resulting in fibroids etc like wise by knowing the properties one can design the balanced product which is harmless.

Let us discuss about binding properties, mostly it might be fat, if it is binding. Enzyme substrate model is one such example.
Enzyme substrate model – Enzyme is strong protein which catalyses the reaction. Enzyme is nothing but a protein, and one should note that all proteins are not enzymes, Enzymes act as catalysts which catalyses the reactions fast. They cause dryness to the skin. Enzyme substrate model is like lock and key mechanism. Enzyme, which is dry naturally, attaches to the substrate; substrate is nothing but a fatty substance, which is sticky. Naturally it fits in to the Enzyme (it binds to the enzyme).

Humans are part of nature like plants and animals, we are being vaccinated to protect from various diseases. Our immune system is weak when compared to other organisms in environment as we only depend on processed foods. As we depend on processed foods, we are prone to diseases. We are prone to stress, due to hectic life style, with the increase of wishes, stress increases, which is also a cause to increase disorders or diseases. Where as plants animals and other organisms are devoid of stress, wishes, tastes, pleasures, hence are free from many diseases when compared to man. Every organism immune system is built strong, by birth, and their anatomy is designed according to functions it has to perform in nature. Weakening of immune system is based on type of food we eat. With occurrence of disease there occurred a need for doctors. With unbalanced unwise poisonous thinking, only thinking about your pleasures, not thinking about other man’s sufferings there occurred a need for science like forensic science etc. With out need for Medicine, & other sciences, how the other organisms like plants, animals etc are surviving. Do you think that we have developed a lot, gained a lot of knowledge, if so, why are we suffering with problems? Why are problems recycled? If we are knowledgeable, why are we unable to find permanent solutions? Think over. Craving for material gains or quantity doesn’t give quality. Balanced material is permanent, unbalanced material has decay.

Plants and animals are less prone to diseases than Man. Plants are effected by diseases to some extent, because of the weakening of the soils due to artificial fertilizers and pesticides and ploughing the soils with machines. Plants and animals are prone to diseases because of disturbed environment man has created.

What we eat is radiation; our food is so much of quanta of energy. This is all-important radiation, which releases electric currents for the body’s electrical circuit; the nervous system is given to food by sun’s rays. Atoms are the vehicles that are filled with solar radiance as so many coiled springs. These countless atomfuls of energy are taken in as food. Once in human body, these tense vehicles, the atoms are discharged in body’s protoplasm, the radiance furnishing new chemical energy new electrical currents. They are our muscles, brains and sensory organs, such as the eyes and ears.

Man can live directly on solar energy. Chlorophyll is the only substance known in nature that somehow possesses the power to act as sunlight trap. It catches the energy of sunlight and stores it in the plant with out this no life exist. We obtain the energy we need for living from the solar energy stored in the plant food. We eat or in the flesh of the animals that eat the plants. The energy we obtain from coal or oil is solar energy trapped by the chlorophyll in plant life millions of years ago. We live by the sun through the agency of cholorophyll.

Diseases are caused by unnatural way of living. Some are prone to genetic disorders by birth. These are due to: 1. Their parents are already suffering from that disorder, it is a hereditary, 2. Giving birth to a baby at older age. 3. Marrying relatives etc.4. Eating foods, which are grown by artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Treating the patient with rich healthy diets can solve the problems to maximum possible extent.

One can arrest genetic disorders or mutations by offering the inhaling breath in to exhaling breath, and offering the exhaling breath in to inhaling breath, we neutralize both the breaths thus releasing both the life from the heart and brining life force under control. Person arrests decay in the body by securing additional supply of life force through quieting the action of lungs and heart. He also arrests mutations of growth in the body by the control of eliminating current, thus neutralizing decay and growth.

Breathing encourages the body to release stiffness allowing the muscles to lengthen and relax. Instead of your practice being painful and strenuous, it becomes pleasurable when you learn how to co-ordinate the breath and the body.

This is simple pyschophysiological method by which human blood is decarbonised and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted in to life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers. By stopping the accumulation of venous blood, the person is able lessen or prevent the decay of the tissues. The advanced person transmutes his cells in to energy.

Immune system responses should be tested in different age groups. Responses differ with age. At very young age, we may not notice the changes, as immunity is more when compared to adults. Unbalanced energies are seen in adults than in youngsters. Immunity is reduced, when we become old. The question of age is based on whether we depend on balanced processed foods or unbalanced foods as it is linked with thinking or emotions also. For e.g.: Stress is based on our thinking. It leads to various disorders, at very young age.

Balanced material is one, which doesn’t sticks to the surface, which doesn’t cause dryness, which doesn’t damage the healthy tissues, but strengthens the tissues, strengthens the weak tissues, cures the damaged tissues, making the person healthy.

Positive thinking or balanced thinking leads to harmony, it doesn’t affect any person, leads to healthy environment. Negative or unbalanced thinking leads to side effects or destruction.

Problems appear complex, when we are lacking in wisdom, it occurs with an unbalanced, unwise thinking. With supreme wise balanced thinking, solutions appear simple and permanent.

Conclusion: Try preparing a balanced material, which reduces side effects to the maximum possible Extent, if it is not possible depending on Natural fresh ones, who’s balanced state is not disturbed is the best option to reduce the side effects. These natural products or balanced products may not be very tasty or not very bad, but have a medium taste. Maintaining good habits, having control over the senses, and sacrificing pleasures and tastes or reducing wishes, sedentary life style reduces side effects and pollution. Physical exercise, breathing fresh air is very important for better life.

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