SR-71 Blackbird spotted in L.A.

I found this while searching for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

SR-71 Blackbird spotted in L.A.

SR-71 Blackbird spotted in L.A.

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3 thoughts on “SR-71 Blackbird spotted in L.A.”

  1. FAR Technologies Ltd. (“FAR”) present’s on FAR’s Webpage
    innovative concepts and technologies in the military aviation arena, among them are:
    1)Adaptation of weapon station for carriage of additional fuel drop tanks
    2)Converting Fuel Drop Tanks into mass dispensers
    3)Steerable Guided Gun Pod
    4)Smart Smoke Pod for Training
    5)Real time Dogfight (BFM) Guiding System
    6)Airborne Ordnance Re-Arming

    Warmly recommended!

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