MURAMYLPEPTIDES: the innovative treatment to prevent and cure LEISHMANIASIS and SALMONELLA.

???? Muramylpeptides are structural components of all microrganisms, including
intestinal endogenous flora and probiotics
???? The class of muramylpeptides we offer has been modified by the
microrganism itself in order to enhance the immunostimulatory activity
???? Muramylpeptides are immunostimulatory molecules that strengthen the
immune system to provide a more efficient immune reaction against pathogens
and stress conditions
???? Muramylpeptides administered daily induce an immunomodulatory effect
both on humoral and cell-mediated immune responses
???? Muramylpeptides regulate the production of key cytokines and exert either
anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory effects depending on the (i)
muramylpeptide composition (ii) the initial immune reactivity of the individual
and (iii) the functional state of different components of the immunity.
Biological activity
???? Many scientific articles report muramylpeptides’ successful use in
counteracting experimental and natural infections by Leishmania
(Adinolfi et al, 1985, Infect Immun; Puri et al, 2005, Int Immunopharmacol)
???? Muramylpeptide aereosol significantly help during therapy against
osteosarcoma and melanoma in dogs (Kurzman et al, 1999, Cancer Biother
Radiopharm; MacEwen et al, 1999, Clin Cancer Res)
???? Muramylpeptides have proved very effective during therapy against viral
infections in chicken (Rois et al, 2000, Acta Vet Hung)
Use in Veterinary Medicine
A rational use in animals contributes to resolve…
???? . . . impairment of the immune system favouring: infections, such as those
due to the use of antibiotics or to weaning; alteration of the intestinal flora;
diarrhoea and hair deterioration in pet
???? . . . impairment of the immune system favouring infections by pathogens
present in the environment, such as Salmonella
Muramylpeptides could constitute the innovative treatment to prevent and
cure Leishmaniasis and Salmonella.

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