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I was thinking about how I was talking about time wearing down the materials in the relativity experiments rather than proving that time itself can be relative in the examples of atomic clocks on airplanes and mountains.

Part of my argument is that I think time itself is corrosive, and that since time has direction, time and matter tend to wear each other down a bit in space/time collisions.

Imagine that you can have an orb that is smaller than the smallest possible piece of matter. Now imagine that orb is a stable unit of time. The first three dimensions provide the skeleton of our universe, and time, gravity, magnetic forces and other forces are the guts and muscles. That small stable unit of time radiates out time as a force of pressure in all directions infinitely to the end of the universe. That force meets with other events, forces and matter to make everything that happens in the universe happen and continue to happen. This is constantly going on everywhere. Time radiates from everywhere, to everywhere, all the time, forever. Time is a form of force/energy. Therefore, it cannot be destroyed, it can only be rearranged.

In the movie the Time Machine (the remake with Guy Pierce and Jeremy Irons), The Head Morlock points out the flaw in trying to use the time machine to change the past. If you try to change time in a way that would lead to you not building the time machine, you can never change the past. So either you can never travel back, or somehow reality changes to necessitate you needing to make the machine to explain why you were there.

In a way, this is why I don’t believe in singularities where time is wonky because of an extreme gravity well. It doesn’t make sense to me. Gravity is a force, but its a force ruled by time. Gravity or rotational forces at the center of gravity doesn’t exist if time doesn’t allow anything to move. Time cannot be destroyed, therefore time cannot cease to exist at the center of singularity. No parts of what causes a singularity can function to cause anything, if time does not function normally at that spot.

Also, because many scientists have not yet totally accounted for certain phenomenon they have start to theorize that for something to seemingly appear where there was nothing, it must have come from some place outside of our existance. Other universes.

Part of that has also been adapted to explain the possibility of parallel worlds, where probability and events takes a different turn than as we have witnessed and lived through and continues to exist outside of our perception.

I think it makes more sense that we merely haven’t accounted for every factor involved in how space/time, gravity and magnetism really work. But if I had to explain alternate probabilities, without having alternate worlds, I would come back to my time going in all directions, all the time, forever idea. I have also stated in the past that while time has a certain stable component that envelops the whole universe (And beyond), there is an impetus or force component to time, and space time from two different places and times can meet head on, pass through each other, and keep moving. To me, this is a much better way to explain how if we could actually track down that segment of time and put it on a video screen, there might be existing after images of other probabilities that never came to be displayed. In other words, no parallel worlds or dimensions, just memory retention inside a frame of space time that might have the concept of a different reality, but not the realization of reality of it. We might be able to see a glimpse of what might have been, but wasn’t actually.

I might have more to add to this, but I’d like to hear other opinions on the matter before I do or have an even clearer concept of what I want to say than I currently do.

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