Questions ok to ask?

I wanted to add this as it has left me pondering about it…

In Dr. Hildegard Staninger’s radio broadcast on Rense, I believe it was #6, she clearly states that these nanodevices “weren’t integrated properly.” Then in the latest she mentions “they can be found in the kidneys clear to the pineal gland.”

I have no problem with Dr. Staninger’s identifying the scourge as nanotech. What I am asking myself, is “how did she know that they weren’t integrated properly?” That makes me think that there was a “proper integration” and that leads me to a lot more questions. Who’s doing the integrating, who’s chosen (random?) “why” an integration…it only follows…. and a myriad of other questions. It is understandable why these thoughts enter my mind, don’t you think? I don’t know why that description was used by her. The second thing that came to me was how they are congregating in the kidneys, and then clear up to the pineal gland. I don’t doubt that, I am just very very curious as to how this has been determined. Horizontal gene transfer in the flora in the intestines? (Oops, sorry, that’s genetically modified organisms…disregard…) Guessing, but then into the kidneys and pineal gland? I am obviously a layman looking for truth, looking for explanations, looking for answers – nothing more. I am NOT trying to stir any pot. I am merely stating thoughts that have occurred to me since all the information on this affliction has been put out there. We are blind and grasping for the truth.

I e mailed Dr. Staninger and asked why her nano info was not presented at the Morgellons Conference in Austin a few months ago. It blows my mind that such valuable evidence and research was not mentioned? Am I stirring the pot by asking “why?” She did not give me an aswer to that question. I think there is a lot of explaining that needs to be addressed and by me asking questions, I ruffle feathers, or stir the pot? Come on, I can’t be the only one who would like to know. Are my observations that unreasonable? Questions? No answers, just stalling, silence, mazes and mazes that just lead to “more mazes” and I keep singing the song
“Circle Game” because this has been the worst merry-go-round for truth, I have ever encountered. There are people that know the truth….I guess they figure “we just can’t handle it?” Or worried about class actions…more like.

I am not trying to argue, just understand.


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