Could Climate Change be Unstoppable?

Is it possible or even probable that our earths climate will continue to raise melting our polar caps and raising ocean levels regardless of anything we humans do?

I think so. Especially after reading about the different climates our earth has endured over the past hundred million years or so. I think it is quite obvious our Earths naturaul climate is in fact one with no polar ice caps.That is unless we have a meteor crash into our planet causiing an iceage that will in fact not only cause snow near our caps but in fact freeze the entire planet.

I believe if it was told to our world population that we as a global economy could either spend the worlds resources on trying to avoid tomorrows sunrise OR we could buy some sunblock prepare for the sunrise and save millions of lives by stopping world hunger.

It would be easier to avoid earths global climate change by moving to the moon. Instead of worrying of carbon emissions we should start evacuating earth. Our naturaul climate as a planet is one with out polar ice caps. The sooner we get used to this and start preparing for it instead of trying to avoid it the longer our population will live. It is being reported to all of you that we should start holding back our nations release of carbon into the atmosphere. Then the rest of the world is just entering their industrial revolutions. Now we as Americans feel they all should worry about global climate change and not own vehicles.

I think we as americans should stop trying to influence the world and buy some sunblock.

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