Smell it All in Just One Whiff

Electronic noses have been used for years in the laboratories of NASA and other organizations. However, until now they have been impractical for use in the real world. Electronic noses have lacked portability, taken too long to produce useful results and have only been able to analyze lab-prepared samples.

However, now there is finally an electronic nose that can stand against the stink of the real world.

QualSec’s Nano-Nose will finally make real world applications possible with its compact size and practical applicability. The lightweight device is hand held, and can detect and quantify analytes instantaneously. The Nano-Nose is also evolved in its ability to analyze streaming air rather than just lab-controlled air samples, amplifying its real-world usability.

With the NanoNose’s readiness for the real world, we now have the technological ability to potentially prevent an avian flu pandemic by early diagnosis of carriers or detect explosives by testing the air around luggage in airport security.

How does it work? This innovative technology utilizes a sensor disc that detects changes occurring as airborne analytes interact with and conformationally change various chemical layers. As chemical layers selectively absorb airborne analytes, the nanoreagents’ change in structure triggers a proportional release of photons, creating controlled light production that is measured and analyzed to identify and quantify airborne chemicals present.

In addition to detecting airborne chemicals, the NanoNose incorporates a line-scan camera that images trapped particulates one row at a time, allowing for the identification and quantification of particles in the tested air. The rows of pixels are integrated and algorithms for particle edge and width produce data giving particle form and quantity.

For more information visit the company’s website at www.qualsensors.com

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