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By Russell Ade
Batesville, AR.

Cell phones can and do cause cancer. The problem is the radiation emitted from the cell phone and close proximity with the human body. Recent Senate Hearings on cell phones and the link to radiation induced brain cancers, shed light on the flaws in cell phone design. By not blocking radiation from entering the human body the designed is flawed and should be changed immediately. All old style cell phones should be recalled and replaced with new designed cell phones with built in radiation shielding.

The risk of developing brain tumors and cancers is higher in children and teens than adults. The brain structure is softer in children and teens which allow almost double the penetration of radiation an adult would experience. This will lead to 4 or more times cancers in children and teens. In the Senate Hearings they discussed putting a age limit on cell phones like the one now on cigarettes, it’s that bad.

What you can do now to reduce your risk is to invest in radiation shielding devices for your cell phones. This is only a intermittent solution till new research and designs are implemented. You can reduce your time on cell phones and avoid contact with your body. It seems if you wear one on your hip unshielded, you risk prostate or ovarian cancer. Again it’s a radiation emitting device in contact with your body.

Young children should not be allowed to play with cell phones. Shielding and limiting the use, or time on them should be discussed between a responsible adult and child. Children’s risks are much greater of getting cancer with cell phones. Restricting the use for children until shielded phones are produced is the safest.

Radiation can and does cause cancer. It effects us in our technology and immediate universe. NASA has developed radiation shielding for space exploration. The military has developed radiation shielding systems for it’s nuclear submarines and operations. Nuclear power plants operate with radiation shielding systems. Developing radiation shielding for cell phones should be very simple, adding very little cost to the cell phones.

All new tech devices that emit radiation should be tested, and radiation shielding should be in the design before being released to the public. Cell phones are not going away, and technology will continue forwards. We need to learn and implement radiation shielding design changes, for the safety of the human species. We live in a great age, a little common sense would go a long way to insuring our safety.

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