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  1. if you go to the past you creat a difrent parallel univers because your whole persence changes it, you can kill your dad but you wont diddapear because you killed an alternate you and you cant go back into the future because that parral universis future hasnt happend yet and you cant come back from where you started your trapped in that time and universe idefently

  2. I’m with you. I think the question defeats itself.

    You were born. What has occurred in the past cannot be changed because I’d imagine principles in the Universe would be self protecting against such anarchy as going back and preventing that what HAS happened, from happening. It’s a nonsense, because either it did, or it did not. And it did.

    Meaning: there is a huge arrogance in an assumption about going back and killing your grandfather – you can only know so much about the past, and nothing about your future.
    In your future, you anticipate going back and making the kill.
    You go back to the past and find you’ll find that your gun jams, or you miss the train, or you trip and break your ankle and any number of number of literally limitless possibilities that will conspire to maintain the continuity in the Universe or dimension in which you presently reside – the one in which you exist. Your grandfather will survive no matter what you do – he MUST, or you would not exist.
    Even while you are programming the co-ordinates into your machine, you should be thinking – “I am going back – therefore I failed. If I could succeed I wouldn’t be here to be doing this in the first place”.

    That’s if going “back” is an option anyway, which I don’t think it is. Another story, perhaps, but I’d imagine part of the Universe protection against anarchy is that it’s not possible and if it were, the only way the scenario can work is in the answer above yours, where you interaction with the past of ANOTHER dimension or reality, not your “own”.
    As above, the fact of your existence means it’s impossible to change what has already been for yourself – you will have killed an “ALTERNATE” grandpa. You get home and yours will still be in your house.

    Better to get some counselling and learn to live with each other.


  3. Time is not a straight line. It is more like ripples in the ocean of space-time. No one can change or even visit the past. Once you theoretically are in the past your very presence regardless of what you do or not you start traveling in an alternate “ripple” of time. Think alternate realities instead of changing time you are now visiting an alternate timeline and have therefore changed nothing.

    I know, I’m from the future.

  4. were always changing the future…every minute of every day

    if i time machine will be made it would come back and change time no matter what it did…all the possible existences with time machines have already played out…time machines may have existed but in this timeline they never will…otherwise we would be a different timeline

  5. But that’s after you kill him. Once you kill him, you kill yourself too. You were in existence until you killed your grandfather.

  6. My question is about the grandfather paradox thing…
    So, if you killed your grandfather after traveling back in time, he wouldn’t exist anymore, which would cause you to not exist. But because you don’t exist anymore, you couldn’t have killed him, so your grandfather re-exists, causing you to re-exist, causing you to kill him.
    The universe gets confused, so it implodes the Earth. I’m correct in my thinking, no?

  7. It would not, it would only make the past and present slightly (meaning imperceptibly on the universal scale) more or less dense

  8. Most conceivable ways of building a time machine by their very nature would not be able to send energy or matter further back in time than when the first time machine was turned on. There are many ideas for how to bend space-time that are possible under Eisenstein Relativity, which you might enjoy looking up.

    As for the matter of consciously changing the future, I personally changed the future by responding to this post. “The Future” is not any particular path, it is a series of paths that could occur based on what choices are made. To use the example of inventing a time machine, there are essentially infinite variations of two basic paths, one where time machines have been invented, one where time machines have not been invented. Both are (theoretically) equally possible, and various events will collapse those infinityx2 paths into the one that will actually happen. Most of the events (and therefore the path) are not theoretically predetermined at all, as you say, but will be mostly caused by human decisions.

  9. So, like, check it out.

    First, there is a universe before time travel is invented. Then some sci-fi adventurer goes back in time, and, say , kills Adolf “the furious Fuhrer” Hitler at birth. Well that might create 2 realities: the one we live in, where Hitler lived; and the new one minus Hitler. In both realities a future will come about in which time travel is “once again” invented. In the first world, “our world,” Hitler is killed by the first time assassin, and then another time assassin is sent back to kill Joseph Stalin. In the world without Hitler the first time assassin can skip straight to killing Stalin. Now you have 3 dimensions: one without Hitler or Stalin, one without Hitler but with Stalin, and our world which includes both Hitler and Stalin in out history.

    Alternate realities would just keep being created unless the death of Hitler actually changed the reality from which the time traveler came, which would mean that all the people who died in WWII would have lived and bred, and every sperm that beat the mind-boggingly great odds in order to fertilize an egg probably would not win that race again. Basically, by killing Hitler the sci-fi adventurer would delete the future in which he was conceived and born and replace it with another with a whole new set of people.

  10. Really? that makes so much sense… we either will or we wont i was in a total other direction here thinking the other possible outcome would of been the solution but you’ve truly narrowed it down to two. Thank you sir.

  11. If there is no light or matter being sent back, then obviously there was no time machine invented in the future (or should I say there will be no time machine invented). Anyways, the way I see it, is that our only hope for a time machine would be to change a theoretically predetermined sequence of events, and invent a time machine. Basically we either will or we won’t invent a time machine, but most likely we won’t. In addition, there is no way to consciously change the future because we don’t know what the future is. So cheers to the lucky fellow who blindly invents a time machine.

  12. We are all constantly traveling through time.

    Currently the trip is only possible in one direction and only at a rate of 1 second per second, though relativity does allow for you to travel faster than others while still yourself only experiencing a rate of 1 second per second.

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