Pheromones in commercial products

Scientists have always been puzzled by the science of pheromones, even with animals. The fact that dogs have a sense of smell we still do not understand. Certain smells attract dogs, and other repell. Yet, there is no way to measure or comprehend which dogs find attractive. Porch Potty is an example of using a scented fire hydrant to attract male dogs to it using a synthetic pheromone. Even using the scent of the dog’s own urine works for some dogs. Some dog owners swear by the scent of Coon Urine, or Deer Urine. It is still a mystery as to what it is that attracts dogs to urinate in a spot over another spot. If we could learn what dogs can smell, and what emotions are innately triggered, we could explain why certain dogs can smell certain cancers in people, or why certain dogs can be trained to sense (or smell) a change in a person’s chemistry before a seizure. There may be thousands of uses we are still unaware of. Only science can, one day, explain the unexplained. Until then, creative attempts to harness the the science of scent will continue.

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